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Phew! I seem to be juggling a lot of projects lately, and I find myself updating my email signature more often than I’d really care to. A single place to keep all my contact information seemed like the best way of keeping on top of things, so here we are!

Kyla Matton Osborne, Freelance Writer

Facebook author page:
RubyWriter (@Ruby3881)

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Kyla Matton Osborne


Kyla Matton Osborne



Blogging and Social Writing
I write on several blogs and participate on several social writing sites. The best way to find me on those sites is to check out my “About” page on Google+, and to watch for specific links here.

Web Writers’ Support Group
If you are a blogger or social writer who would like to join with like-minded individuals, my Facebook group may be right up your alley. Called “Writers’ Accountability,” we set up shop at the beginning of May 2016.

The purpose of the group is to provide a place for writers to set and share daily goals, and then to report back on their progress. This encourages us to set realistic goals and to hold ourselves to them. But of course life sometimes gets in the way, and the group is a supportive community where a writer can talk about stumbling blocks and failures too.

There are sharing threads where writers can link to completed work, as a sort of testimonial to having reached a goal. We also have some writers who share resources, and some who invite critiques of their writing. In the near future we will be taking the group public, and inviting those who seek writers to check out all the talent in the group.

Does this sound like your cup of tea? Please come on over and join us!

Register to join the Writers’ Accountability Facebook group by clicking the graphic