2 Awesome Strategies to Improve Writing Success


Awesome Strategies to Improve Writing Success (modified from an image by ArtsyBee)


With the recent influx of new users at BlogJob I decided that I wanted to take my writing and earning here more seriously. With the new members’ arrival I’ve enjoyed an increase in traffic to my blogs and in interaction, both on the blogs and on the main BlogJob interface. This is the ideal time to focus on writing here. I hope that I can sort of ride the wave to even greater success, if I work hard now to take advantage of the upwards momentum.

So how can I make the most of this increased activity on the site? I decided to take a two-pronged approach: goal setting (backed up by accountability) and networking.


How to Set Writing Goals

I can earn up to 150 points per day on BlogJob, but up until recently I didn’t usually get much past 50 or 100 points on any given day. Even if I published two posts (100 points) I would tend to leave quite a few points unclaimed. And of course that means I farther away from reaching my cash-out.

If I were to earn all 150 points reliably, I could take the $100 PayPal reward after roughly 68 days of activity. I’d like to aim for that, and as I write this I’m actually just over one quarter of the way to that goal. If I’m disciplined, I could cash out around the first weekend of June.

So my goal is to consistently earn at least 80% of my maximum each day, or 120 points. I will make a serious effort to publish at least one blog post in the process – sometimes two in a day. But the main goal is to come as close as I can to earning the maximum 150 points, each day.


Daily Accountability

To that end, I’ve started a daily accountability thread in the Writing Content section of the BlogJob Forum. I will post every day this week to say what my specific writing goals for that day are, and I will return to the thread later in the day to give a progress report as I accomplish items on the list. I hope you will join me in using this thread as a means to keep honest about your writing goals. And I think as several of us begin to check in regularly, it will soon become a source of encouragement and support.

Which brings me to the other strategy I want to use to boost writing success.


What are your writing goals? (Image: ArtsyBee/Pixabay/CC0)
What are your writing goals this week? (Image: ArtsyBee/Pixabay/CC0 1.0)


Networking with Other Writers

Social media sites are “the” place to promote your blog posts and other writing projects. But social media has changed so much, even in just the past year or so. Most of us writers were just getting used to Tweeting and pinning and sharing on Google+. And now there seem to be all these changes to the winning strategies, and people with used to network with just don’t seem to be active online anymore.

A lot of web writers are still kind of in the doldrums, after the spate of writing site closures, but there are still folks wanting to network and support one another’s writing. Now I’ve been working on trying to create more of an online presence by repinning and commenting on pins, by commenting on blogs, and by increasing my activity on sites like Twitter and Google+. But I’m also getting good results from my Facebook groups right now, so I’m taking extra time to network with other members of those groups. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m bumping into them on other social media sites as well as right here on BlogJob!


Facebook Group for Writing Support

One really useful group that has recently changed its format is The Writer’s Symposium. While a lot of other Facebook writing and blogging groups are closed, and people tend to just use them as a place to paste a link and run.

But this group wants to be more of a writing support group, where people can talk about writing and take the time to visit and promote other writers’ content. And because the group is public, links shared on the group page will have a greater visibility across Facebook and the web. So there’s an extra bonus to taking the time to participate in the group!

So these are the strategies I’m going to use to give my writing more exposure, and to keep myself on track towards earning that next cash-out. What are your plans to keep yourself honest and take advantage of the increased activity in our blogging community?



Remember to check in at the daily accountability thread, right here on BlogJob, and let me know what your writing goals are this week!

UPDATE 22/04/2016

The Writer’s Symposium has decided to take a brief hiatus while the group migrates to a new home

The group will not be accepting new members for the time being, but I will post a new link as soon as I have one


Header Image Credit: Setting writing goals by Skeezer/Pixabay/CC0 1.0

Featured Image Credit: What are your writing goals? by Oberholster Venita (aka ArtsyBee)/Pixabay; CC0 1.0


18 thoughts on “2 Awesome Strategies to Improve Writing Success

  1. I just can’t imagine having the time to make two blog posts a day, which is probably why I have not received payout yet, when I have been blogging on Blogjob for over 6 months. I would be really upset about it except that I get Amazon sales from my blog posts which more than make up for not reaching payout in all this time. If you are not putting Amazon (or any affiliate) links in your posts, you are wasting a golden opportunity to make money.

    1. I really need to go back and re-apply for my advertising and affiliate accounts. I haven’t used them in so long, and all my email addresses and contact info changed over that time. So now I’m stuck having to apply for new accounts when the rules have become more rigid :(

      I have been watching your posts to see how you integrate the Amazon links. And I think you really do a great job of not making it look overly commercial. Some others, it’s pretty darned obvious that the post is just an excuse to advertise the links.

  2. Thank you for writing this. As a newbie, I really like to read this, and especially your daily accountability thread. That helps a lot. It really helped me to be more organized and focus. Though I “roughly” know what I want to do, having the goal setting and writing it down in the forum motivates me more. I always like to interact with others too, perhaps that’s why I like blogging as well.
    Since I only have 100 points as daily limit, I hope I can utilize them fully and reach my first payout very soon. Thanks again for your kindness and help all the time. :)

    1. I am so enjoying your contribution to the daily accountability thread! You have encouraged me greatly in aiming for my daily goals. You’ve also reminded me that while I was interacting on BlogJob, I had missed commenting on some people’s blogs because I wasn’t seeing their social media shares.

      I took the time this morning to visit several folks whose blog posts I had missed, I followed in your footsteps, as inspired by nerdieeds :)

  3. I’ll admmit it, I’m actually setting a goal of making 3 posts a day. My writing is just about random stuff or what I’ve heard in the news. I wish I could write informative posts like his, but it’s just not my style. Thank-you for the information, I think I’m a member of that Face Book page, have to check it out!!

    1. I think I may have seen you there, JoDee. I know we’re in at least one group together there :)

  4. My main issue right now is coming up with more posts. I really struggle to come up with ideas on a daily basis and more often than not I don’t post anything new. I’ll have a look at the Facebook group and your forum thread to see if they can help me to do something about it.

    1. Gina, don’t you have some old posts from Bubbs or PP that you could either migrate or rework? It can sometimes help get your creative juices flowing again.

  5. You some really great helpful ideas here. I actually, need to sit down and a schedule for my writing

    1. I find if I try to schedule too much, I end up getting overwhelmed. But I do like to create a really short to-do list!

  6. LOL. Great minds think alike. When I first signed up, the 150 points didn’t seen hard to achieve. But I was so wrong! :) The community doesn’t lack for rewards and payments. But you do have to go get them yourself! With diligence and steadfast work. You won’t get a handout! This good advice on maximizing your BlogJob activity. This post supplies a better plan for me to follow. Found this on GooglePlus and reshared it via my business page to a Google Plus community. https://plus.google.com/100815601308749084063/posts/GjYn6fNU8yM

    Here’s an SEO TIP! I notice that you share your posts on Google Plus using the “sharing feature” in the blog dashboard. I do too. But I often also go to the post once it appears on my page and EDIT it by adding in some relevant hashtags. It will significantly increase the chances of your content being found via organic or generic searches.

    I like this blog. It’s very helpful. :)

    1. So you’re suggesting adding the hashtags to the body of the post, Treathyl? Why not just add them before publishing?

    2. Just joined BlogJob and was happy to see you there- this post was helpful as I did not find too much on how-to’s but am slowly finding my way. I add the hashtags- two- relevant at the end of each post. Thanks for the info!

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