BlogJob Accepts New Users for the First Time in Months

Some new members have joined us on BlogJob, and I want to welcome them to our community. I hope they’ll soon be mixing it up with the site veterans, and sharing all kinds of interesting stuff with us all!

Yesterday I wrote that there was a bit of a mystery about these new members, as some folks who tried to join the site upon hearing it was open again, were seeing error messages and being blocked from the registration process.

I can confirm that new member registration is now open on BlogJob! I have the official word from Sheridan, and I have verified for myself that my referral link will bring a prospective user to the registration form today. This is great news, as some folks have been waiting to join the site for several months. I hope all of you will help to pass the word around to those who had been waiting, so they can get themselves signed up for an account. I know I’ll be updating my daughter later today!

BlogJob Taking Steps to Prevent Spam

As I wrote yesterday, BlogJob recently migrated to a new, faster server that can accommodate more traffic than the old one. That being done, it seems the other problems with new user registration were resolved, so Sheridan was able to open the site back up to new members.

New member registration was interrupted briefly while Sheridan installed a new firewall to protect the site from spammers. I noticed that a few spam messages had been posted to one of my blogs yesterday, so the move to add more spam protection was definitely a timely one. Only members of BlogJob can post comments on blogs here. And the spam filters did a really great job of stopping those spammy comments from getting published. But you can never have too much spam protection!


Featured Image Credit: Smiley faces by Gerd Altmann (geralt), courtesy of Pixabay; CC0 1.0

Header Image Credit: Fireworks by Gerd Altmann (geralt), courtesy of Pixabay; CC0 1.0


22 thoughts on “BlogJob Accepts New Users for the First Time in Months

  1. I’ve just written a guest post for a high profile blogging advice site, and have included that same invitation to join the site. I’m hoping we’ll see even more eager bloggers here once the post publishes at the end of the month :)

  2. So very excited about this because now I can Add On to all my bragging about how great this community is, an invitation to join. Glad the doors are open again!! :)

    1. Glad to hear it! This is a fun site, but rather unique. It takes a moment to figure it out….

    1. Grace, you can watch your timeline to see what folks are posting. Or you can visit their sites directly. Also watch for social media shares on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, as well as for the opportunity to subscribe to some blogs :)

  3. It was a wonderful surprise as I have heard many good things about BlogJob. I am glad I was able to join today!

  4. I am really glad the registration is open now, as many of us have been waiting for it for quite some time. I am really happy to be here as there are many nice people around. :)

    1. It’s great to have you with us! And I see you’re really getting involved in the site, too. Good for you!

  5. That is great membership is open again. Woo hoo!! I hope it brings in more active members. I know a few that is looking to join.

    1. I think you may have to earn a small block of points before you can edit your profile and such. Just take some time to add friends, comment on some posts, join a group that interests you, etc. You should soon have access :)

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