Is BlogJob Accepting New Members Now?

Is BlogJob finally accepting new users again? The answer is, I’m not sure.

I had seen several new users registered as of yesterday. And I also received my first friend request from a new BlogJob user. So I think the site must have decided to open up to new members again. That was really exciting news, because I know a lot of folks had been reading my blog posts here, and were hoping to join the site. They’d been waiting it out for several months, while BlogJob has been closed to new users.

It looks like the change might be linked to BlogJob’s successful migration to a faster server, which I’m thinking would accommodate more traffic from more users. But I tell you this news very cautiously, as there’s been no official announcement. There may also be a cap on how many can join in a given time period: when I sent my daughter a referral link and she tried to use it, she was told the site is closed to new users.

I suspect this is because the admin is trying to control the flow of new users, so upon advice from a friend who has seen the access open and close a few times, I’ve told my daughter to keep trying. I have a forum question out to the admin to confirm, but in the meantime I’ll offer the same advice here: assume the site is open, but be prepared to try again if you can’t sign up the first time.

Referring New Members to BlogJob

Referring a new user to BlogJob helps a member earn 50 points, which is huge compared to other earning opportunities here. So if you are reading this and you want to join the site, use somebody’s referral link!

Please try to remember this, whenever you’re able to join the site. It makes a big difference for your friends. You can use mine, but if you have another friend here whose link you’d like to use that’s great too. I’d just like to see one of the current members get the credit, if you heard about BlogJob from a current user.

For those who would like to refer a friend, you can find your referral link on your BlogJob profile page. Mouseover your username at the top right of a page, and look for “profile” in the menu, then click on “View.” your referral link will display on the page, just under “General” in the main view tab.
I look forward to seeing more new faces on BlogJob. I hope you’ll all like the site as much as I do!


Featured Image Credit: Balloons by OpenClipartVectors, courtesy of Pixabay; CC0 1.0

Header Image Credit: Fireworks by Gerd Altmann (geralt), courtesy of Pixabay; CC0 1.0


6 thoughts on “Is BlogJob Accepting New Members Now?

  1. I do suggest anybody signing up under you to tell you. As last time the points wasn’t being credited and that was why registration was closed. I had to get a hold of admin here to get credit when 2 peopel told me they signed under me. It may have been more and I will never know now.

    1. It does seem the site is no longer offering the bonus for referring new members. That’s too bad :(

      If you want to see who signed up using your referral link, you can check the “Member Network” page. (I was going to link it, but decided not to right now, as it’s not displaying my network at the moment. I can only guess it’s the latest glitch….

  2. It seems to have closed again as I notified a friend and then checked for myself and it is not working now. Glad a few got in.

    1. Gina mentioned that the window seems to be opening and closing, so I’m hoping that more folks will be able to get in shortly. There may be a max set per hour or per day. Hopefully we’ll hear more from Sheridan soon, so the mystery will be resolved :)

  3. I am a new user to BlogJob. I read about the server migration of BlogJob has finally done, so I just went and checked if I’d be able to sign up. I got the registration form and successfully signed up. I told this news to others, but it seems like many still receive the message saying it is not accepting new members. So, I guess those who’d like to join might just need to keep trying.

    Thank you for mentioning the referral link. I didn’t know about that when I signed up, so I wasn’t signing up using any referral link.

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