Are MyLot Offers Worth the Money They Pay?

Not long ago I wrote about the new payment program at MyLot, and how the site offers a decent earning opportunity for people who want to make a little spending money each month. Nobody is going to strike it rich, even from a lot of activity on the site, but most users seem to feel they can earn at least $10 – $30 in a month – better than a lot of other sites are currently paying!

There are two ways to earn money at MyLot: 1) participate in discussions, and 2) take advantage of targeted offers. Offers can be anything from viewing a slideshow to taking a survey, to signing up for a specific web site or playing an online game. Payment for these offers is set by the company that makes them, and it can vary from a few pennies to a dollar or more.

Earning with Offers on MyLot

Earning money from MyLot offers can be attractive, especially for users who don’t tend to earn a lot from discussions. Offers promise a fixed return, and that certainty can be reassuring even if it’s only a few pennies.

Offers are paid by advertisers, and are not controlled by MyLot. Earnings from offers will only show up once the associated advertiser posts them. Some offers indicate that earnings will post immediately after you complete the task, but others may not show up right away. You can see which offers have paid you and how much, by clicking on the bank amount at the top right of any page on MyLot; then select “Earnings from Offers” in the earnings menu.

Are the Offers Worth the Effort?

This really depends on you. If you like playing games, answering surveys, and taking advantage of free trials and product samples, you might really find the offers on MyLot worth your while. Some of the offers targeted to me promised up to $4 for playing a game, viewing movies, or building a new web site.

The drawback? Most of the higher paying offers want you to either spend money (in-game purchases, web design services, etc.) or to link a valid credit card or bank account. It’s up to you to decide whether you feel you can trust the companies behind these offers. And obviously, if you weren’t already going to spend money (up to $12 for one offer) the buck or two they pay isn’t really worth it.

Many of the offers are from survey sites, and you may only see some of these depending on where you live. If you choose to complete a survey, you might be asked for information about your job and yearly earnings, about your family members, and about your buying habits. Some of these surveys ask an awful lot for the few pennies they offer, so be careful about the information you volunteer! Remember that these are third-party offers, and MyLot neither controls nor vouches for their safety.

Last little piece of advice where MyLot offers are concerned: if you can’t afford the time to complete the offer, skip it. There is no guarantee the advertiser will pay you, and they can even withdraw payment after they post it. I watched several slideshows the day I decided to check them out. None displayed the CAPTCHA I was apparently supposed to complete at the end. And only one of the bunch actually posted a payment to MyLot. I actually found the slideshows mildly interesting, so it was no great loss that not all paid.


Featured Image Credit: Offers by Gerd Altmann (aka geralt,) courtesy of Pixabay; CC0 1.0


6 thoughts on “Are MyLot Offers Worth the Money They Pay?

  1. That piece of advice that you concluded your post with is worth “gold” calculated in the currency of “valuable time not wasted”. The effort you put into your interactions at myLot is definitely time NOT wasted. The Offers? Eh! Take ’em or leave ’em.

  2. I enjoy reading and writing in mylot, but not so much in doing the offers. Besides many offers might not open to my country, I do not feel safe to download or sign up to them. Though I think doing offers really help earning faster, I’d prefer to stick to what I like to do – interacting.

    Thanks for sharing this. I almost forgot there’s another way to earn in mylot, perhaps I should still check it to find out if there’s any available and suitable offers for me. :)

    1. I completely understand your reluctance where offers are concerned. I am also careful which ones I accept.

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