Is MyLot a Good Opportunity to Earn Money?

Can you earn money on MyLot? The answer is most emphatically yes! It takes a very short time to get established on the site, particularly if you’ve previously been involved with other online earnings sites and if you take the time to engage in quality interactions with other users. And yes, MyLot does pay as promised!

Don’t expect to be raking in hundreds of dollars on MyLot, because the earnings are not exaggerated like they were at one point on sites like Bubblews. You will earn pennies, or perhaps a dollar a day. But over the course of a month, if you earn a dollar a day, you’ll have roughly $30 in your bank. And for those of us who hung on at the end with Bubblews, not daring to breathe while we waited to see if our vast catalogues of content would earn even a penny a day, that’s a serious improvement!

MyLot as a Social Network

MyLot is not really set up to be a writing site, though some people do post lengthy discussions that would be accepted elsewhere as blog posts or short articles. The focus is much more on the social aspect – on interacting with other users and commenting on their content. In this way, MyLot is a very attractive alternative to a site like Tsu. MyLot will pay you more for your interactions and will also get you to your payday a lot faster. And you don’t have to be some sort of power blogging celebrity who recruits dozens of new users a day in order to earn a little cash!

Earning on the site is easy. As the MyLot earnings FAQ says, it’s all about participation: “Any time you start a discussion, respond to a discussion, or comment in a discussion, you are making a contribution that is eligible for earnings.” So basically you get paid for three types of activity:

  • Posting a discussion
  • Commenting on (“responding” to) the original discussion
  • Commenting on someone else’s comment

It’s very simple and no-nonsense, unlike many social sites. You’re not going to get paid for friending other users, joining groups, changing your avatar, etc. But you will get paid for your part of an active conversation. And if you start discussions (i.e. if you post) that rouse the interest of the community, your earnings can often grow quite quickly.

There is no fixed amount earned per interaction. Instead, the algorithm that calculates earnings looks at the amount of interaction a user does, and at how much interest the community shows for a given discussion the user posts.

If there’s a lot of back and forth conversation (something that has been discouraged on some sites) the person who posted the discussion will earn more, as will those taking part in the discussion. Users can earn just through commenting and participating in conversations, though most also tend to post their own discussions too. Discussions range from serious to silly, and everything in between. There is always something of interest if you search for it, and if not you can start a new discussion that suits you!

Prompt Payment from MyLot

Unlike some other sites, there is no fuss around MyLot payments. If you have enough money in your bank on the last day of the month, you will automatically be paid. No need to request a payment; everyone eligible is paid on or by the 15th of the next month. (So if on April 30th you have earned enough, you’ll receive payment by May 15th.)

The payment threshold is usually $10, but for March and April of 2016 MyLot has lowered that threshold to just $1. There had been some concern that it might cause members to get lax and participate less, but it doesn’t seem to have been a problem. In fact, there was plenty of activity on the site when I joined on March 29th. And I discovered that several other new users like me, who had joined right near the tail end of the month, were able to earn the $1 to be paid for March.

Payments are processed by PayPal, which is the only option at MyLot. So if you live in a country that is not served by PayPal, you cannot unfortunately be paid to participate on the site. Please be sure that your PayPal account is verified, before you join MyLot. And do be sure to enter the correct address when asked for it.

Is MyLot prompt in paying its users? Absolutely! In fact, the March payments were all processed on April 1st – two weeks faster than users expected. Other users who have been around a while will attest that the site always pays as promised – the right amount, and by the date they say they will pay. No worries about arbitrary changes to the processing time, or getting partial payments as many of us have experienced on other sites.

Pros and Cons of MyLot


  • Easy to join and participate, expectations are clear;
  • The site pays promptly and automatically;
  • Discussions can be on just about any topic, and there is no minimum post length


  • If your content doesn’t attract the attention of other users, it will not earn;
  • Interacting enough to earn well takes time


Bottom line: MyLot is a site for people who enjoy conversation and who can take the time to participate in ongoing discussions. Earnings are small, but are paid out reliably. You won’t hit the jackpot on this site, but you can earn a little spending money for doing something you probably already do elsewhere.

Watch MyLot’s promotional video:


Featured Image Credit: Discussion by Gerd Altmann (aka geralt,) courtesy of Pixabay: CC0 1.0


8 thoughts on “Is MyLot a Good Opportunity to Earn Money?

  1. MyLot recently paid me. So my answer to the question “Can you earn money on myLot” is Yes! “Is MyLot a Good Opportunity to Earn Money?” Another Yes!

  2. I was paid last month from Mylot. I have started making more comment recently. So, we will see.

    1. Look me up if you decide to join, Thelma. I use Ruby3881 pretty much everywhere, so I’m easy to find :)

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