Ups & Downs of Writing

One of the best things about freelance writing is it allows me to set my own schedule.

One of the worst things about freelance writing is it allows me to set my own schedule.

I had expected to be taking things a little easier and spending more time outside with the kids, but it has turned into much more of a working summer than I expected. Today I’m heading out for a bit, and I am taking Friday off to attend my daughter’s graduation from her first summer training program at cadets. But the work continues, all the same!

I’ve been helped along this month by a wonderfully supportive group of writers. There was nothing formal about it, but by discussing the fact that many of us were leaving our month’s assigned writing until the last minute, we ended up encouraging one another to spread out those articles throughout the month. I’m sure the folks who have to read & approve the pieces are happy about being able to spread their work out too, and I really feel good about not rushing to meet my deadlines this month.

I accepted additional work this week after I’d met all my other deadlines, but hopefully I will be able to get the better part of that piece done tonight or tomorrow. And then there are the period e-books that need formatting, the web site maintenance, and the stack of vintage watercolour scans that need to be restored.

No rest for the wicked, the creative, or those who hope to pay the bills!Photo Credit: ausbar of

I had a piece that was published on a major web site this week. The article was edited down to the point where I barely recognized it, and the feedback from the public was really not encouraging at all. I felt a bit like Anne Shirley, finding her story “tattooed over with a baking powder advertisement.” The main difference was that in her case, Diana secretly submitted the story in an effort to encourage her dear friend to keep writing. Anne had no idea her story had been altered, or even entered in the contest. What a shock it must have been to learn everything that had happened!

In my case, I sold the rights to the article when I submitted it. I can’t say I didn’t know this could happen, but it still feels terrible to know that an article out there somewhere with my name on it, giving people a very wrong impression of who I am as a writer.

Time for a cup of tea! That solves everything, doesn’t it? And if the tea isn’t enough to cure what ails you, at least the accompanying plum puffs should raise the spirits.

On the lighter side of things, I had a note waiting for me this morning from a friend’s husband. He read an article I wrote about buying school supplies for students with ADHD, and he took the time to let me know how much he appreciated my work. And, despite being under the weather for a couple of days this week, I managed to master the fine art of preparing indices and tables of contents using OpenOffice. (I had tried to learn how this worked before, but never quite managed to make sense of it. All of a sudden there were several clearly worded tutorials, and I discovered it’s really quite simple!)

Now to tackle using a master document, instead of compiling chapters in my PDF creator. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Tea must be ready by now, so I guess I should get a little work done before I go out this morning. Have a great end to the week, everyone. Keep on writing!

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