Challenges – Personal & in Writing

It’s busy. I have several articles on the go, and would like to get a lot more done than I have. Montreal has been suffering through a heat wave this week. The air conditioning has been working on its top setting pretty much constantly, and it’s still too warm in the house to really be comfortable. I’m thankful for that little reprieve, though.

I woke up yesterday morning with a great non-fiction idea in my head. It only took about half an hour to rough out a working outline; maybe I’ll manage to start writing some of the chapters in the next day or so.

In the meantime, we’re trying to get ourselves ready for the delivery of a new fridge that we can’t really afford but very much need. I’d like to get the kitchen paint touched up before the delivery comes, but not sure we’ll get to that in time. We’re swamped, and with the old fridge acting up in the middle of this heat wave, we don’t dare buy anything perishable more than a few hours before we plan to consume it. I really have to get some coffee creamer today. I’m dying  for a coffee, and the milk’s gone off.

I’m also marking the last week with my oldest, before she heads up to the Army Cadet Summer Training Center at Valcartier. We’ve been working on her French, and I’ve been promised they’ll put her in an English platoon, but I won’t feel quite right about that until she calls me from Valcartier and tells me so herself. Of course there are all sorts of last minute things to do before she leaves, but she’s been great about getting her gear together and preparing to go. It tugs at a mother’s heart strings to see how much her little ones have grown. There is pride, yes, but a little sorrow too.

You may notice that I changed the look of the blog. I discovered the other template had some flexibility issues, so I’ve replaced it for now. I’m not perfectly happy with the one I’m using now, but it will do until I can find something I like better. It allows me to better display my blog roll, which you’ll notice has some new links to blogs created by some of my fellow writers. One of my friends issued a challenge this weekend for Associated Content writers to address the question of helping those in need. For every article written on the topic this weekend, she will be donating one canned good to charity. Others are matching her pledge and making pledges of their own – for donations of food, clothing, books and toys.

Associated Content is working on its own project for charity, and in the meantime several of my fellow writers have put together blogs to get information out to those who need it. Articles created for the  challenge can be found through the blogs, or you can find information about projects that allow you to raise funds for charity through your own blogging. I am doing my best to link to them through my facebook account, as well. Hopefully I will manage to catch all the links as the articles are published.

This is a time of growth, of stretching toward the sun and feeding ourselves so we will be ready for the harvest, ready for the cold winter to come. There is much growth and activity around me right now. It seems projects are getting so big, and everything is moving so fast life is almost a blur – like a splotch of ink meeting a fat drop of water spilled on the page, and flowing outward away from itself. Black and hazy, edges no longer crisply defined. Drawing a curtain of grey over everything in sight.

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